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… but the very non-technical me accidentally made a separate account for this blog when I first created it. Now, I’m kind of trying to re-create everything on a new blog and then I’m going to change the URL so that you’ll find me just as easily as now. 

Because of this, the update has been and will be bad for a couple of days. I will update for more info so that you can follow the new blog and keep on posting your confessions! :)

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I have such a huge crush on Ben. It scares me.”
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"Reading the posts on this blog just makes me want to be on the island with all of you people who feel the same way as me."
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How I look when my internet doesn’t work. 

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"Daniel Faraday always made me smile."
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I think I am in love with Ben Linus.”
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"I love it when Hurley says ‘Dude!’"
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time for feedback 

Soooo. I’ve got over a hundred followers, posted about a hundred posts and been doing this for like… A month. But I want this blog to be the best.

So, what do you think? What’s bad? What’s good? What could be better?

This show is my life, and even though it’s off air blogs like this keep it alive. I’m thinking that I’m gonna post your confessions for a looooong long time, but then I need feedback.

If you would like to help me, please just send a message with your ideas and thoughts. I would really appreciate it. :)

Jacob and Smokey approves. 

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"I love the sound of ‘system failure, system failure’…"
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